OLD NEWS     Get it while it's luke warm.

08/26/23 Please enjoy the new demo's that we've put up for your listening pleasure. Both songs are scheduled to be mixed professionally in September. 

12/01/22 Exciting news, Swizzille Trip will be releasing a brand new single sometime before Christmas. The new material resorts back a bit to some of the more rockin stuff we've done in the past so we're really looking forward letting you all hear it. Thanks everyone for all the support!!!

02/25/22  Please enjoy the title track from our new album Interstellar Wonderlove!

02/15/22  We are super excited to announce that we will be releasing the title track to our new album Interstellar Wonderlove in the next couple weeks along with another little gem. These two will complete the album so thanks so much everyone for all the support while we've been putting this together. We miss you all and hope to announce shows soon!

12/20/21  We wish everyone an amazing and blessed Christmas season! Please enjoy our newest single, an REM tune called Driver 8.

07/11/21 Tonight be sure to tune into Detroit's 101 the WRIF as they will be playing one of our songs off the new cd. Thank you so much to host Chuck Bean for supporting local music and for including us on this week's show!

05/17/21  Check out the 2 demos we put together recently. Both Angie and Interstellar Wonderlove feature Ele Howell on drums! Ele is an amazing drummer who has played and recorded with many renowned jazz artist from New York to San Franciso so we were thrilled when he agreed to work with us. Thank you Ele!

4/12/21  It's been a long winter and ST is set to return this spring with some live stuff both on line and in person. We'll keep you updated but should have some news soon. In the meantime check out our new video for our song Menjadi Biru!

11/10/20  We are thrilled to announce that Rodney Bies has joined the Swizzille Trip family! Rodney is an amazing drummer who's style is both intense and complex. Rodney has been staying very busy this year playing in the blues based rock band Detroit Trouble so be sure and check out some of their recent videos on youtube. To celebrate, ST performed at a private location 3 days in November with Rodney at the helm and we will begin releasing videos of those performances this month!

08/28/20 As we continue to release songs from the new album we are beginning to put together some shows in October/november! We will announce them as soon as we have identified a spot.

We're working overtime on our new stuff and have several new songs coming out this fall. Also, check out Michael's Late Night Saturday Sessions on youtube and Michael's facebook page. Michael's Sessions come out every couple weeks and involve Michael putting down fresh tracks over prerecorded material and last week he did the whole session acoustic. The Sessions is expected to hold a number of surprises before wrapping up in late November including some very special guests. 

04/07/20 The videos are now available on youtube from our "live in studio" performance last December. Tempermill Setlist included Menjadi Biru, White Light, Fire on the Mountain, Water, Sand, and Hard to Handle. Announcements about upcoming shows coming soon.

12/03/19 Happy Holidays! We had a great night this evening recording a live in studio session at the Tempermill. The first videos should be out soon. Unfortunately we've had a bit of a snag getting zombie snowman out which should be completed shortly, but in the meantime please enjoy the demo on our home page.

Tempermill Setlist: Menjadi Biru, White Light, Fire on the Mountain, Water, Sand, Iowa Night, Hard to Handle, Zombie Snowman

10/27/19 Happy Halloween everybody!!! Staying very busy this fall, well be announcing some shows soon as we continue to work on the new album. We should be releasing Zombie Snowman sometime around Thanksgiving for your holiday listening pleasure, and we also have a "live in studio" video coming in December. Stay tuned for more details!

09/09/19 We've posted the first 4 songs in the video section from our set last week at the Blind Pig so check it out. Thank you Lux Entertainment for the great videos!

09/01/19 We had so much fun hanging out with everyone who came out to the show at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor last night so thank you all so much! The evening was absolutely perfect and we hope to be back soon. ST would also like to give special thanks to Karen Marie at Lux Entertainment for filming the show so as usual expect some videos soon.

Setlist: White Light, Water, Sand>Menjadi Biru, Fire on the Mountain, 313 Vapor Trail, Angie Dance, Iowa Night. 

08/10/19  After a bit of a delay our new song Water is now in the music section under Interstellar Wonderlove. Water is our first song showcasing Preston Priess on vocals who sounds amazing. We think this is the perfect summer song and we hope you do too!

07/21/19 The third song off of our new album Interstellar Wonderlove has arrived! The song is titled Sand and is one of the band's favorite Phish tunes that ST's been performing live. It is available for free play/download in the music section.

The 4th song off the album is called Water and will be released in July. We're very excited about Water because it is our first song featuring Preston Priess on the lead vocals who sounds amazing!

05/26/19 Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Ferndale to dance it up with us last night, you all are the best! Thank you also to everyone at Foster Records including Day Sleeper, Jeremiah Mack and the Shark Attack and Chi Machines for an amazing night. ST Setlist: Angie Dance, Water>Menjadi Biru>White Light>Drums/bass>funk jam>Sand, Iowa Night, Fire on the Mountain 

05/15/19  Hey Everyone! From the Interstellar Wonderlove sessions check out our quick version of Phish's Sand in the music section. More to come.

04/03/19 Swizzille Trip is pleased to announce that we will be returning to Ferndale on May 25th for a show at the Loving Touch! Details to follow.

02/23/19 Thank you everyone who came out in the cold last Friday! Perfect weather to break out our new song Zombie Snowman.

Setlist: Menjadi Biru>Ready for Love, White Light, Down to the Water, Sand, Highway 32, Fire on the Mountain, Hard to Handle, Zombie Snowman, Angie Dance, Iowa Night 

02/05/19 ST will be headlining at the Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI with very special guests Detroit Trouble and Rolling Blue!

01/27/19 Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Token last night! Setlist: Menjadi Biru>White Light, Down to the Water, Sand, Angie Dance, Drums and bass>Hard to Handle, Fire on the Mountain, Iowa Night 

12/15/19 Having a blast this week at the Tempermill as we begin recording our new album (Thank you Karen Marie for the photo!). While at the studio we threw down some additional "in session" tracks which we will release in January. In the meantime check out these samples from our session and some holiday cheer. 

10/14/18 A big Happy Halloween to everyone who made it out to our show tonight at the Crofoot. Thanks for all the positive vibes and we hope you had a great time! We for sure had a blast.

Setlist: Mejadi Biru>White light, Fire on the Mountain>drums&bass, Angie Dance, Hard to Handle>Down to the Water.

09/19/18 Swizzille Trip is very happy to be included in this month's issue of Relix magazine as part of a spotlight on up and coming bands! Our song 313 Vapor Trail is also included on the CD Sampler along with some real greats such as Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, and others. Thank you Relix!

09/12/18  Show announcement: ST will be playing on October 14th as part of the Halloween Havoc at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac MI, showtime: 7pm.

09/10/18  Thank you to everyone who came out to the Token lounge for our debut show! Setlist: Intro jam>White Light>Hwy 32, 313 Vapor Trail>drums>Hard to Handle, Iowa Night, Fire on the Mountain

08/08/18  We are also thrilled to announce that the ST live band has taken form which will include two amazing new members bassist Kyle Mikolajczyk and drummer Preston Preiss, both of whom will be splitting lead vocals with Michael.

Kyle Mikolajczyk has been heavily embedded in the Detroit rock scene for most of his life. Kyle brings a very unique style to the bass which often includes pensive bass lines followed by bursts of heart felt riffs. When asked about his philosophy towards music referred to his music journey as the Pursuit of happiness & the Endless Pursuit of Dreams, saying he feels his goal is "Breaking down the walls of normalcy in a world gone gray.

Preston Preiss brings the “Old School Tone” & Flavor" that your ears long for not to mention he is a great singer. Preston was born & raised “Downriver” Michigan exposing him in a vast range of musical influences that pushed him to seek his own distinct approach to music (check out his "no sticks" drum solo on youtube). Preston has toured & recorded nationally and performed among the world elite. Preston was also a long-time member of Black Feather & HazardHead.

Kyle, Preston and Michael will be playing a series of shows this fall so watch for videos of their upcoming performances which we will be posting in Sept/Oct.

08/08/18 Swizzille Trip will be playing a show in Westland MI at the Token Lounge on Saturday Sept. 8th. ST will perform around 9:30pm and will be opening for an awesome Detroit band Black Feather. ST will again be at the Token on January 26th when they open for Hazardhead. 

05/03/18 Arrive in motor city with our new song off our second studio album. God bless Detroit!

03/3/03/18 The 2nd song from our new studio album will be coming out sometime in the next few weeks. It is a real dance number for sure!

01/12/18 Happy New Year! Check out the new Black Wolf mix of Fire on the Mountain.

12/18/17 - Check out our newest Christmas Jam! Merry Christmas Everyone!

07/12/17 - In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the famous Grateful Dead show on 05/08/77, please enjoy ST's 05/08/77 inspired Fire on the Mountain. With this song ST salutes all Grateful Dead members past and present for their amazing talent and spirit. Thank you Jerry!

07/06/17 - ST is pleased to announce bassist Victor Kalb to be joining the group! Victor is jumping right in, joining ST in the studio while they record their upcoming 2nd studio album. In celebration of the new addition, ST will release their very first song with Vic on bass sometime in July.

06/29/17 - Then new Black Wolf sessions t-shirts have arrived! Pick up one for you and your loved ones today!

05/20/17 - Check out ST's new album Blackwolf Sessions which showcases the band in a more intimate setting. Along with the music check out the amazing artwork on the album cover which comes from Casey Vredenburg. Thank you Casey!!!

02/01/17 Swizzille Trip to announce shows soon.

11/25/16 - For the start of the holiday season we've posted ST's version of the holiday classic The First Noel. Enjoy! 

11/19/16 - At last the videos from the Blackwolf sessions have arrived. We've posted Needle and the Damage Done, a Neil Young cover on the homepage and two more in the video section.

11/10/16 Enjoy the soon to be released video from the Live at Blackwolf sessions.

08/12/16   Check out the new songs recently posted from the Blackwolf sessions, including the new songs Iowa Night and 313 Vapor Trail. ST will also release their first live video in the next couple of weeks. The video is from the Blackwolf sessions and includes 4 songs not available on the CD. 

Recorded last winter in Detroit, Live at Blackwolf features the amazing Dave Miller II on drums. Formally of the Detroit based metal band Crackjaw, Dave's incredible energy and versatility break through traditional drumming styles and take things to a whole new level. Live from Blackwolf also features tracks that include Frankie Concord on synthesizer. Enjoy!!!

05/12/16    Thanks so much to everyone who's been checking out our Blackwolf sessions. We've decided to release a few more songs from the sessions which will be released soon. More live dates on the way!

03/03/16 A little bit late but worth the wait. Check out these new tracks from the soon to be released cd ST Blackwolf Sessions. 

02/15/16  Major Announcement!!! ST is thrilled to announce that the amazing Dave Miller II has teamed up with the band as they prepare for some upcoming shows. Formally of the famous metal band Crackjaw, Dave's incredible energy and versatility break through traditional drumming styles and take things to a whole new level. Wasting no time ST will release a new CD of live recordings of the band that occurred in Detroit in December that feature Dave at the helm so prepare yourselves! The first track will be available February 29rd with the rest available soon after.

12/15/15  Check out ST's version of this holiday favorite on Track 1. Merry Christmas!!!

10/15/31 Just in time for Halloween. Check out the two new videos in the video section on the youtube of Mike rocking out at the hotel!!!

6/23/15  While there has been a bit of a delay getting the tour going we are planning some shows in the next month or so to begin in Detroit! Mike K. continues to do acoustic/electric solo sets around the midwest. Posted on the website is part of the set from the June 21st set from somewhere in Iowa which includes the opener that night Rocket>White Light, along with a Fulsome Prison Blues. We also included the Hwy 32 which Mike did acoustically that night. Enjoy!!!

5/27/15  Thanks to everyone who came out to the Mill on Memorial Day.There was a ton of great music that night. MikeK. did a solo electric set that included songs from the new album. Thank you Iowa City!

Here is the setlist:
Hwy 32>
Dakota Moon>
White Light>
Springboard Into Hopscotch>
So Central Rain>
IC Blues>
Funky Groove

5/13/15  Mike K. has told us he'll be performing a quick set on Memorial Day (May 25th) at The Mill in Iowa City, Iowa. He's set to play around 9:30 so if you're in the area check it out. Swizzille Trip dates to be announced soon.

05/06/15 Check us out on facebook!    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Swizzille-Trip/364393040424099

04/28/15 Check out the Funky Groove video just released today. We will post it here soon too but for now here is the link:     

 04/10/15    At long last, the debut album is finally here. Welcome to the Swizzille Trip!

1/27/15   Check out the new songs from the album. We still have a couple songs left in the workshop to be released soon. Have fun!

1/25/15   It's almost here. Most of the remaining tracks to the upcoming album "Welcome to the Swizzille Trip" will be released this coming Monday, January 26th. Enjoy!

01/05/15Ok everyone, here it comes. Check out the these three songs from the upcoming full album release. These are the uncut versions so get them while you can. Look for the remainder of the songs from the album to begin being released in the next coming weeks. Happy New Year!

Breaking News! Swizzille Trip will begin releasing their new album at midnight on December 16th! Get ready to hear some amazing new tunes from the band. All of the songs have been wonderfully put together at the famous Hyde Street Studios, here in San Francisco. The first song to be released will be White Light which is a real rocker, perhaps to no surprise with Nathan Winter's amazing drums and and percussion work on board.   "Better pack a bag".    White Light will be available for free for a very limited time once released. 

In the mean time, Swizzille Trip would like to thank everyone who helped out with the band this year and especially all of our fans out there who continue to support us. So.... we would like to say thank you and Merry Christmas with the band's very first Christmas song. We hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas Everyone!