Swizzille trip ad issue 63

Latest News

03/3/03/18 The 2nd song from our new studio album will be coming out sometime in the next few weeks. It is a real dance number for sure!

01/12/18 Happy New Year! Check out the new Black Wolf mix of Fire on the Mountain.

12/18/17 - Check out our newest Christmas Jam! Merry Christmas Everyone!

07/12/17 - In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the famous Grateful Dead show on 05/08/77, please enjoy ST's 05/08/77 inspired Fire on the Mountain. With this song ST salutes all Grateful Dead members past and present for their amazing talent and spirit. Thank you Jerry!

07/06/17 - ST is pleased to announce bassist Victor Kalb to be joining the group! Victor is jumping right in, joining ST in the studio while they record their upcoming 2nd studio album. In celebration of the new addition, ST will release their very first song with Vic on bass sometime in July.

06/29/17 - Then new Black Wolf sessions t-shirts have arrived! Pick up one for you and your loved ones today!

05/20/17 - Check out ST's new album Blackwolf Sessions which showcases the band in a more intimate setting. Along with the music check out the amazing artwork on the album cover which comes from Casey Vredenburg. Thank you Casey!!!


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