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05/26/19 Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Ferndale to dance it up with us last night, you all are the best! Thank you also to everyone at Foster Records including Day Sleeper, Jeremiah Mack and the Shark Attack and Chi Machines for an amazing night. ST Setlist: Angie Dance, Water>Menjadi Biru>White Light>Drums/bass>funk jam>Sand, Iowa Night, Fire on the Mountain 

05/15/19  Hey Everyone! From the Interstellar Wonderlove sessions check out our quick version of Phish's Sand in the music section. More to come.

04/03/19 Swizzille Trip is pleased to announce that we will be returning to Ferndale on May 25th for a show at the Loving Touch! Details to follow.

02/23/19 Thank you everyone who came out in the cold last Friday! Perfect weather to break out our new song Zombie Snowman.

Setlist: Menjadi Biru>Ready for Love, White Light, Down to the Water, Sand, Highway 32, Fire on the Mountain, Hard to Handle, Zombie Snowman, Angie Dance, Iowa Night 

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