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07/11/21 Tonight be sure to tune into Detroit's 101 the WRIF as they will be playing one of our songs off the new cd. Thank you so much to host Chuck Bean for supporting local music and for including us on this week's show!

05/17/21  Check out the 2 demos we put together recently. Both Angie and Interstellar Wonderlove feature Ele Howell on drums! Ele is an amazing drummer who has played and recorded with many renowned jazz artist from New York to San Franciso so we were thrilled when he agreed to work with us. Thank you Ele!

4/12/21  It's been a long winter and ST is set to return this spring with some live stuff both on line and in person. We'll keep you updated but should have some news soon. In the meantime check out our new video for our song Menjadi Biru!


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