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Welcome to Swizzille Trip, a three piece psychedelic rock band from Detroit featuring Michael Kalb on guitar and vocals, Dave Miller II on drums, and Victor Kalb on bass. Taking a stripped back approach ST takes their listener on a sometimes dreamy sometimes intense and unhinged wobbly ride. With musical explorations ranging from folk to funk rock to garage these free form rockers will have the sharpest of critics grooving to their music.

Michael and Dave first came together in 2015 when Michael moved from San Francisco to Detroit. Michael had just completed the debut album Welcome to Swizzille Trip and was searching for a drummer who could bring songs from the album to life on stage. Michael is a big fan of the east coast music festival scene and the debut album can be considered an interesting and humorous scrapbook of sorts from his festival experiences. Dave has been playing drums since the age of 10 and is well versed in all music types. He has played with numerous national touring rock bands, eventually making a name for himself in the Detroit rock scene. When Dave and Michael first came together Dave’s amazing versatility and clock-work beats resulted in interpretations of the songs that were much more expansive and exploratory than the recorded versions. In early 2016 Dave and Michael began putting down their new sound in a series of studio sessions which was recently released as a full length CD entitled The Blackwolf Sessions.  

In July of 2017 bassist Victor Kalb joined the group and is currently in the studio with ST working on their new album.